Making effective telephone calls

Making effective telephone calls

The key to making effective telephone calls is, as in most things, planning. Here are some tips that will ensure yau are as effective as possible on the telephone.

Before calling

Choose the right time to call. Consider both cost, urgency and convenience. When calling overseas you must also consider the time difference.

Check the number. A great deal of money is wasted each year on dialling wrong numbers.

Plan your call. Make a list of points and questions to be raised during your call.

Be prepared. Gather together any files, papers or other information which may be needed during the call. It is unprofessional to have to say “Hold on while I look for that”

Avoid interruptions. Call at a time when you are unlikely to be distracted.

During the call

Be courteous and establish a rapport. Make time for suitable pleaseantries like “How are you today?”

Put a smile in your voice. Remember your caller cannot see you so use intonation to good effect and try to sound confident, decisive, helpful, interested.

Check your notes. Look back at your notes to ensure you have covered everything and quote figures and other data correctly.

Abtain feedback. Make sure the caller understands the message correctly, especially where deadlines and actions are involved.

Close in a positive courteous manner. Double check any essential details, then finish by thanking the caller for his or her time and trouble.

After the call

Make notes. Let it become a habit to make notes of the  call and place them in the appropriate file.

Take action. If you need to send a letter of confirmation or inform someone  in your organization about any details of the call, do so immediately so that you do not forget important points.


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